Traffic management

Unlocking the potential of new location data streams and spatial analysis is the key to transforming city traffic management and reducing CO2 emissions. While citizens rely on smartphone data and satellite navigation to navigate traffic, few local governments are fully harnessing the power of spatial information. 

Geo-enabled solutions like GeoSet facilitate cities to optimize traffic flow, alleviate congestion, and enhance productivity aiding efficient transportation networks, improving air quality, and saving billions in lost productivity.

road safety analysis

Harnessing the power of spatial data and advanced analytics is revolutionizing how local governments manage road networks for safety and efficiency.

By integrating data from GeoSet collector, cities can gain unprecedented insights into the health of their roads.

Going beyond traditional analysis, Spatial Data Science enables predictive modeling to anticipate and prevent incidents based on location-specific factors.

mobility planning

Efficient and reliable public transport infrastructure is essential for sustainable and smart cities. 

By harnessing the power of spatial analysis of GeoSet products, cities can optimize their transportation networks and improve the commuting experience for residents.

Through the analysis of commuter patterns, origin-destination matrices, and spatial models, cities can identify high-demand routes and tailor their services to meet the needs of their citizens effectively.

citizen services

Empowering citizens with real-time and crowdsourced insights on transport networks is revolutionizing urban mobility.

Through intuitive solutions like GeoSet, cities can gather and visualize spatial data, enabling citizens to actively participate in improving their mobility experience.

By sharing information on road safety, congestion, and other factors, citizens can make informed decisions about their travel routes and modes of transportation.