Odoo Customization

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"Odoo ERP Customization"

Let's Customize with Odoo...

It's not easy to find the right ERP for your business, right? That's because  every business is unique  and requires its  own unique solution to its unique problems.  Even if you find the perfect program today, it may not be the best solution tomorrow when your company grows or new requirements arise.

That's where customization comes in. An ERP system that is customized to your business needs will be much more efficient, and effective and will give you a competitive edge over other businesses that choose a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Why Odoo Customization?

Personalize Process

Our team can customize the Odoo platform and help you handle all your business processes more efficiently. All things considered, process extension definitely improves collaboration and centralizes the whole business workflow. It ultimately improves the productivity and efficiency of business operations.


As per the dynamic nature of businesses, clients might be looking forward to requesting enhancements or customizing the functionality out of the box.   Our customized solutions help companies improve or upgrade their business flow.


"Enhancing User Experience through Customized UI/UX Design and Streamlined Processes"

UI/UX Experience

We can customize the software and simplify the user interface. It will improve the productivity and speed of managing business operations. We can modify the software and remove unnecessary steps or processes in order to get a better user experience.  

Our Odoo Customization Process

Step 1

Requirement Gathering

  Meeting with the client to gather the exact requirements and understand hidden pain points.

Step 2

 Gap Analysis


Our Technical Experts would analyze the gap between the available functionality & client requirements.

Step 3

  F easibility Study  

Feasibility check to do changes in Odoo without compromising on the performance and breaking available functionality.

Step 4


Cost and Time estimation will be calculated & shared with the client. 

Step 5

Customer Approval

  Before proceeding further client's approval is required.

Step 6


 Development will be performed while keeping the needs in focus and maintaining the standards.

Step 7


  Application will be tested at multiple levels by developers to estimate reliability.

Step 8


Completed & thoroughly tested application would be delivered to the client.

Why CodeRize?

We will make sure that customization should be easy, user-friendly, and cost-effective as much as possible.  Contact us to discuss your ERP requirements.

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