Odoo Customization 

Why Odoo Customization??

Odoo customization allows businesses to adapt and tailor the software to their specific workflows, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity. 

Personalise Process

Our team can customize the Odoo platform and help you handle all your business processes more efficiently. All things considered, process extension definitely improves collaboration and centralizes the whole business workflow. It ultimately improves the productivity and efficiency of business operations.


As per the dynamic nature of businesses, clients might be looking forward to requesting enhancements or customizing the functionality out of the box. Our customized solutions help companies improve or upgrade their business flow.

UI/UX Experience

We can customize the software and simplify the user interface. It will improve the productivity and speed of managing business operations. We can modify the software and remove unnecessary steps or processes in order to get a better experience.

Odoo Customization Process

Unlock the full potential of Odoo with our seamless customization process, tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Requirement Gathering

Efficiently gather and analyze customisation requirements for Odoo, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns with your business needs and objectives.

Gap Analysis

Thoroughly assess your business processes and identify gaps, enabling effective requirement gathering for Odoo customization and implementation.

Feasibility study

Conduct comprehensive feasibility studies to gather requirements and evaluate the suitability of Odoo for your business, ensuring a well-informed decision-making process.


Accurately gather and assess project requirements to provide detailed and reliable estimations for Odoo implementation, ensuring transparency and effective resource planning.

Customer Approval

Thoroughly understand your custom approval process requirements to effectively configure and customize Odoo, streamlining and automating your approval workflows.


Diligently gather and analyze development requirements to deliver tailored Odoo solutions that meet your business objectives and drive operational efficiency.


Comprehensively gather testing requirements to ensure thorough and effective quality assurance of Odoo implementations, delivering reliable and bug-free software solutions.


Precisely gather delivery requirements to ensure a seamless and timely deployment of Odoo solutions, providing a smooth transition and maximizing business value.

Why CodeRize??

We will make sure that customization should be easy, user-friendly, and cost-effective as much as possible. 
High Coding & Delivery Standards

Deliver exceptional software solutions through high coding and delivery standards, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

Enriched with UI/UX expert developers

Benefit from UI/UX expert developers who enrich your software solutions with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Odoo Technical & Functional Expertise

Leverage our Odoo technical and functional expertise for comprehensive and proficient software customization and implementation.

Service in Enterprise & Community Editions

Delivering services and support for both Enterprise and Community Editions of Odoo, catering to diverse business needs and requirements.