GeoSet Viewer

GeoSet Viewer

A Geo-Enabled web dashboard streamlines inter and intra-department workflows, facilitating real-time monitoring of field staff and surveyors collecting spatial data with GeoSet Collector. This dashboard empowers decision-making, integrates workflow and resource management, reducing reliance on physical records and manual work management. Real-time alerts notify officials of the next work phase, allowing data access from anywhere, reducing costs, manual efforts, and enhancing work efficiency. 

Geoset viewer

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Product Features

 Common Gateway   

GeoSet Viewer provides a single gateway to all of your Project’s Field Staff and data Collection needs reducing manual efforts and cost. GeoSet Product Suit provides a common operating view of key performance indicators to help everyone understand what is working well and what needs attention.​​

Common gateway
Visualization & Data Monitoring

Visualization & Data Monitoring

Geo enabled web dashboard makes it easy to visualize & monitor real-time operational view of field staff & assets. Data integration in real-time allows users and authorities to take immediate and actionable response. Functionality just a click away will save time and manual efforts.

Geo Analytics Reports 

GeoSet Viewer allows to generate customized reports based on real-time data analysis, which can be used to extract useful insights & take right decision at right time. This can be implemented geographically from a very micro level e.g. wards to PAN India level.

Geo analytics reports
User management

User Management 

GeoSet Viewer implements strong user management module where in micro-geographical data can be accessed by official personnel at different hierarchy levels using role based login.

The user management module within GeoSet Viewer stands as a fortress of control, offering a robust system that ensures precise access to micro-geographical data based on the hierarchy levels of official personnel.