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GeoSets Viewer

Web application helps to manage the inter department or intra department workflows. A Geo-Enabled web dashboard , makes it easy for Geosets Viewer- visualization, monitoring and geo-analytics for a real-time operational view of field staff and surveyors collecting the spatial data via GeoSets Collector. Monitor the activities and the performance of the Field staff in Realtime. GeoSets Viewer dashboard enables to meet organization’s objectives by empowering the better planning and taking the right decisions at right time.  It integrates workflow as well as resource management to reduce reliance on keeping hard copy records & manually managing the work activities. Real-time alerts will be sent to official in charge or department concerned for the next successive working phase. Department officials or concerned authority can access the data they need at anytime from anywhere. It results in reducing the manual interventions, efforts, cost & boost work efficiency.