stock mapping


One of the prime authorities related to forest conservation is the Forest Department, Government of Maharashtra. The Department works towards sustainable development and conservation of forest assets. With the growing urbanization, the department undertook the mammoth task of  digitization of Forest stock using the traditional handwritten maps.

Coderizers have digitized 2000+ handwritten stock maps using Remote Sensing & Image Interpretation techniques.



  • Identify the encroachment areas spread over thousands of acres in fragments.
  • Data available in paper maps.
  • Documents stored at different geographic locations.
  • No uniformity /consistency in data.
  • Unavailability of data at centralized locations of data.


  • Forest stocks digitization using Geo-spatial techniques.
  • Effective Geo-spatial visualization platform.
  • Dynamic data made available.
  • Automation of layout maps creation process for distribution to field officers.


  • Reduced Manual efforts
  • Huge cost savings
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Quantifiable data available at single click
  • Data -accessibility for hard-to-reach forest regions.