Water conservation assets mapping


Soil and water conservation department of Maharashtra is a prime authoritative body to implement various schemes of government to facilitate E-governance practices.

To fight with the drought situation all over the state, they have initiated ‘Jalayukta Shivar’ scheme under which 23000 villages in state Maharashtra needs to be mapped for water conservation assets. The challenges and limitations to work on this project were identified by discussing with the department officials and the best fitted, cost effective solution is provided by CodeRizers.



  • Decentralized assets information.
  • Assets details are in hard copy documents
  • Documents stored at different geographic locations.
  • No Visualization due to Asset Decentralization.
  • No trace for redundant work.
  • Over spending of finance with no expected outcomes inefficient approvals for new and maintenance work
  • Poor business decisions for stakeholders.


  • Asset Centralization accessbile via Web
  • Assets Digitilization using Geo-spatial techniques.
  • Asset Information made avilable based on geography.
  • Asset Visualization via various characteristics
  • Transparent visualization.
  • Single point gateway for stakeholder.
  • Asset monitoring.


  • Data accessibility made easy at any point of time.
  • Asset digitization leads to effective visualization.
  • Generate geography based assets reports.
  • Asset monitoring made approachable.
  • Visualization Transparency leads to better stakeholder decision making.
  • Improved visualization Transparency reduced work Redundant.
  • Efficient approval system saved 1000 CR.