Shetishala (Mobile & web application) 


Agriculture department of Maharashtra implements different agriculture schemes using the latest technologies and trends. One of such ambitious projects of the department called ‘Shetkari Shetishala’ made use of Geospatial technology to provide advanced ways of monitoring the training & getting feedback from farmers.

Coderizer's developed a mobile application to collect the training information from the department officials at various places all over the state. A web based platform for government authorities was also developed to monitor the activities and generate reports as per requirements.



  • Authentication of training performed.
  • Human intervention and dependencies.
  • Inefficient system to check outcomes of program.
  • Utilization of resources yet no desired results.
  • Unavailability of Program Planning application.


  • Location tracking and geo-tagging
  • Authenticity using real-time photos (time-stamped)
  • Strong user management module
  • Report generation with advanced filters via web
  • User’s feedback recorded via mobile app
  • Efficient monitoring system


  • Easy assessment
  • Reduce cost and effort
  • Efficient claim handling .
  •  Accelerate the process of crop damage assessment
  • Informed and actionable decision making