FGIC- IADS Deployment

The Federal Geographic Information Center (FGIC) in the United Arab Emirates, serves as the official authority for organizing and governing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), overseeing strategic planning, policy implementation, and international collaboration for the management and protection of geospatial information.


  • Inadequacy of current GIS Environment
  • Manual Efforts to store and manage satellite data
  • Inefficiency in managing and storing satellite images
  • Require a platform for stakeholders to visualize, process   download the satellite images
  • Meeting evolving needs of GIS Data and enhanced capabilities


  • Analyzing Current Workflows to store and maintain satellite, drone, aerial, street view imageries
  • Making strategies for auto ingestion and downloading of images
  • Development of IADS System
  • GIS Consultation for infrastructure planning, optimizing Server system and configuration


  • Sophisticated and efficient GIS environment
  • Reduced Manual Interventions
  • Improved efficiency to store and manage satellite images
  • Quick access to satellite data
  • Seamless visualization and download of data
  • Reduced costs
  • Informed   Actionable Decision Making