GeoScan Reviewer

GeoScan Reviewer

A Geo-Enabled web dashboard , makes it easy for visualization and geo-analytics for a real-time operational view of programs, events, maintenance activities which will be captured and handled by Field staff and surveyors via GeoScanner. Monitor the events and the event status and updates in Realtime. GeoScan Reviewer to Monitor Applications dashboard enables to meet organization’s objectives by empowering the better planning and taking the right decisions at right time.

Product Features

Common Gateway 

GeoScan Reviewer to Monitor Applications enable your organization to provide a single gateway to all of your project events, programs, maintenance activities of assets and resources. GeoScanner Product Suit provides a common operating view of key performance indicators to help everyone understand what is working well and what needs attention.

Ready To Use 

Enrich your data with a diverse set of visualization tools to enable actionable decision-making. Our rich tools gives you brief insights of all performance parameters of all the stakeholders.

Reports & Geo Analytics 

This enable office personnel to generate the location based reports of the field staff and monitor their performances. Geo-Analytics tool helps to plan and execute the  program and assets operations in simplified manner.

Real Time 

Monitor, track, and assess the field operations, gives a insight of predicting success or failure curve and to plan the measure accordingly. Use data analytics to support strategic and tactical decisions across your organization.