Yoddha Parivartan


A crowd sourcing mobile application based on CodeRize IPR Framework for easy & effective collection of migration data. Using the mobile applications citizens can apply for migration requests, by providing migration details, such as intended travel date, Origin-Destination pin-code etc. Citizen can check migration request status in real-time.

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Common Gateway

COVID YUDDHBHUMI provides government authorities a single gateway to access user data and essential services data.

Just Register and Start

COVID YUDDHBHUMI is enriched with the data and a diverse set of visualization tools to enable actionable decision-making.

Data Integration

Data Visualization of Medical and Other Essential services along with patient’s location and their most up-to date information

Identify Spatial Patterns

COVID YUDDHBHUMI allows to identify primary patients and second level contacts looking for contact traceability pattern.

Risk Zone Monitoring

Dashboard allows user to track the real-time user movement in risk zones, find hospitals and labs in high and low risk zones

Rich User Intrerface

COVID YUDDHBHUMI has rich user interface, designed to be operated by any user with non technical background.