GeoSet Collector

Geoset Collector 

A data collection app for Mobile, makes it easy to capture accurate spatial data and send it to the office in real time. Field staff, Surveyors use their existing mobile devices to capture and edit spatial data. GeoSet Collector works even in Offline mode and integrates seamlessly once the device gets the internet connectivity. It can be integrated in real time with the GeoSets Viewer.

Geoset Collector Video 

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Product Features

Spatial Data Collection

Spatial data Collection Works for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime  

User can capture assets and resources along with photos, edit new assets and resources spatially in any environment. Data collections is not limited to internet, in fact GeoSet Collector works even when internet is not available, especially in remote areas. All the collected data will be synced as soon as the internet connection is available.

 Accurate Spatial Data

GeoSet Collector uses your device’s location service to identify and verify your allocated area. Our unique Geo-fencing approach ensures that the user will work in his designated  geographical area which helps to collect the accurate spatial information associated with the assets or resources.

Survey Application

GeoSet Collector implements Role-based user registration which helps forming wide user base from varied sectors. It can also be used as a Survey application allowing to register on behalf of other people with no limit on number of registration.

Rich User Interface 

GeoSet Collector has  rich user interface, designed to be operated by any surveyor or field staff. Our  map-driven forms helps surveyor to capture accurate spatial data  along with photos, videos and other information which can be very crucial for analysis or generating reports. It also provides view of nearby assets or resources in real time which helps to make decisions well in time.

Save Papers & Environment 

Get rid of your existing manual processes of collecting field data using paper forms and putting more resources to transform the data into different systems as this process is quite time and resources consuming.

GeoSet Collector streamlines these traditional workflows, using existing smart phones which everyone carries for their personal use. GeoSet Collector  is supported on all the smart phones which reduces cost to bring the spatial data seamlessly to the office.