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A Geo-Enabled web dashboard , makes it easy for visualization and geo analytics for a real-time Covid-19 spatial data collected via COVID YODDHA. Monitor the activities of the users in Real-time for better planning of their safety
COVID YUDDHBHUMI dashboard enables to meet Government organization’s objectives by empowering the better planning and taking the right decisions at right time.

Survey Application & Access To Real-Time Data

  • Data Collection made easy for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Geo-spatial Tracking

  • Facility Management Intercommunication

  • Quarantine and Relocation Management

  • Planning User’s Safety

  • Routine Health Assessment

  • User Engagement

  • No Geographical Constraints

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Survey Application & Access to Real-time Data

Data Collection made easy for Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime.

Role-based user registration in YODDHA encompasses Citizens as well as Task Force staff from Health Care, Legal, Financial, Retail, Manufacturer, Delivery Services, Telecom, Transport, Oil and gas sectors forming a wide user base. YODDHA doubles as a Survey Application allowing users to register members from their family, friends, colleagues, residential societies,   & even consumers with no limit on number of registrations.

Geo-spatial Tracking

YODDHA uses your device’s location service to provide real-time data for tracking movement & identify risk zonesIt also reducesrisk factor & manual efforts for emergency services staff & other actively working government officials.

Facility Management Intercommunication

YODDHA map gives access to info on hospitals, labs, essential services locations with the most up-to date information helping citizens make timely and wise decisions in critical conditions. Government bodies can plan and take action-oriented decisions for approvals and expansion of medical facilities.

Quarantine and Relocation Management

YODDHA collects information about users who are Quarantined due to COVID-19 symptoms or relocation. Users can also feed information on YODDHA app for their future travel plans (native places) It plays vital role in planning Intercity migration as well as Outgoing and Incoming Interstate migration by Government authorities.

Planning User's Safety

YODDHA helps to maintain the Covid test recordsThis helps in keeping a  close eye on patient’s recovery as well as user daily visit records based on past or future datathus, enabling the governing authorities to decide travel policies, user activities, risk zone accessibility rules etc.

Routine Health Assessment

YODDHA allows users to take up daily assessment testsThis helps in health monitoring & detect the early onset of Covid-19.

User Engagement

YODDHA allows maximum user engagement through:

  • Connecting medical and essential services with users
  • Tracking user movement for Zone accessibility planning & user activity planning.

More information means Better assessment.

No Geographical Constraints

YODDHA is a mobile application that does not have any geographical dependencies. It can serve at the most granular level or in a wide-spectrum. While it can be customized to even village boundaries, it can also be used Nation-wide.